Why Interior Designers Love Persian Rugs

Centuries after the first Persian rug was ever made, interior designers are lapping up the antique styles and pairing them with modern features in homes today. If you ask any interior designer what decorative piece you need in your home, they will probably say that you need a Persian rug. If you don’t have one already, you should consider investing in one! They are extremely versatile and they never go out of style. And if you already have one? Then go out and buy another! You can never have too many Persian rugs. 

Here are the Top Three Reasons why interior designers go gaga about Persian rugs: 

They Are Great For Decorating

The most obvious reason would be that they are great for decorating. Not only do they have gorgeous and intricate patterns on them, but they also contain rich colors within the detail so that you can pair almost any type of furniture with them. You can use it as a grand welcome mat in your entryway or you can throw it under the coffee table in order to complement your living room. The possibilities are absolutely endless! 

Persian Rugs Are Investments

Anyone with a Persian rug will be able to tell you that it cost them a pretty penny in order to obtain one, but they will also add that it was worth every cent. A Persian rug is like a very old painting that you can hang on your wall or add to your floor, and art usually appreciates over time. No two Persian rugs are exactly the same, just like no two paintings will ever be exactly the same. You will never get bored when looking at the patterns of a Persian rug.

High Quality Never Goes Out of Style

Persian carpets are woven to perfection and the quality they are made out of is unbeatable. Not even a machine-made carpet can be as perfectly crafted as a handwoven Persian carpet. These babies are made to last a lifetime because they are made of high quality wool, silk, and cotton. Because they are so long lasting, many people turn them into heirlooms to pass down to their children which is a great way to keep it in the family. 


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