Ways to Display Your Kilim Carpet

They’re not just for floors! Try these unique ways to feature kilim in your home.

Kilim rugs work with just about every design style these days—they’re practically a neutral. These handcrafted beauties are an attractive way to add color and flair to any room—from contemporary bedrooms to boho chic porches.  We have to mention that the wool is dyed naturally with plants and minerals. Even better, they go way beyond the simple role of a rug. Yes, they make eye catching floor coverings, but wait until you see what kilim can do for other areas of the home, too. Check out our collection at carpetu2.com , where you can find a Kilim in whatever color scheme you like–from bright and colorful to neutral blacks and whites with interesting tribal patterns. 

In the Bedroom

Here, a multicolor kilim rug sets the tone in a neutral bedroom and is the ultimate way to add a pop of color. If you think the atmosphere in the room is so dull and it needs something to attract the attention, then you definitely need a kilim.

Bathroom Floor

There is a place in every room of the house for a gorgeous kilim rug. The bathroom may not be the first place you consider when looking for a spot for a handmade rug, but it lends much needed warmth to chilly flooring. Plus, wool is stain and water resistant.

Side by Side

Because kilims are handcrafted on small looms, it can be difficult to find a super large area rug. When using kilim as a floor covering in a larger room, throw down two or three complimentary rugs for a look that is beautiful and unique. As you work within a defined color palette, your space will come out looking visually compelling! The reason these two play well together is their similarity of colors in different designs. Plus, they match up nicely with other décor in the room.

Draped Over Furniture

Kilim is super versatile. If you have several rugs, rather than simply relegating your gorgeous finds to the floor, cover furniture and pillows in the textile, too. Here, a bed becomes the focal point of this funky space thanks to a rug.

Wall Hanging

Possibly the most unexpected use for kilim is as wall art. For a beautiful handmade textile that you just can’t bear to step or sit on, give it a prime spot on a bare wall. This look adds vivid color to a neutral space and warms up white walls. Use bright tones for a look that is ultra-boho, or try a kilim in muted tones for a more traditional look. That’s the beauty of kilim ,something for everyone.

A Bit of Everything

This room showcases the various ways you can use kilim in your home. Floor covering, pillows, and foot stool are all done up in kilim textiles of contrasting tones and patterns. To pull it off, choose pieces with one color in common. In this case, each kilim has the same neutral tone that makes the look cohesive.


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