Oriental Rugs Work with Nearly Any Decor

Oriental rugs are a beautiful and classic interior decorating choice.

Persian and Oriental rugs work well in traditional style décor, but it is easy to incorporate the beauty of these special rugs into just about any type of style.

The design of an Oriental or Persian rug can make a home filled with modern furniture warm and inviting. Modern furniture that’s sleek in style can sometimes make a room feel cold.

A Persian rug can add considerable warmth and a feeling of welcome. Because of the vivid colors of these rugs, it may be best if you keep your wall colors neutral, thus allowing colors in the rug to pop.

Show off your Oriental rug

If you love the pattern of your rug, and want to show it off, a room that’s mostly white in tone — including the furniture — allows the rug to be the center of attention. If your rug has red and blues in it, similar to traditional rugs, consider painting your walls a light charcoal grey — this will really help your rug stand out.

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Bohemian décor

Persian and Oriental rugs are perfect for décor with a bohemian vibe. For example, a bedroom with pale cream or grey walls would look great with an antique- or iron-style bed frame. A bedspread in a pink, blue/grey, and orange floral design would shine with a Persian rug in colors of red and blue on the floor.

Another way to follow the bohemian décor style: keep your walls pale, and add some accents to your furniture (upholstery, throw pillows, etc.) that match the colors of the rug. If you love the clean lines of Danish modern style, see if you can stay with the clean white walls and white furniture. Coupled with a beautiful Persian rug on a wood floor, your room will exude sleekness, while providing that all-important burst of warmth.

Warm and cozy with a Persian rug

A Persian rug will also make a cabin in the woods — one with warm wood walls — even cozier.

Rugs with red in them can add a sense of history to a neutral wall and furniture palate. Oriental rugs also soften hard wooden floors and hide stains, making them great options for kitchens and dining rooms.

Oriental rug as a room divider

One benefit to large Oriental and Persian rugs: if you need to break a great room up — a dining area and family room space, for example — placing a large rug either in the family room half, or the dining half, splits the great room into two separate spaces.

A red-toned oriental/Persian rug goes perfectly in a loft –type apartment or home with exposed brick walls and hardwood floors.

Modern history

Decorating around Persian and Oriental rugs is a matter of personal taste and family traditional living. Your grandmother’s Persian rugs still work in new modern homes.

These rugs have been around for several hundred years, and will be for many years to come. Proper professional rug care, including regularly hand – washing the rug every four to five years, along with regular inspection and rotation, will help maintain the beauty, investment and value of your rug.


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