Decorating with Persian rugs

Persian rugs are beautiful and luxurious but decorating with them can be tricky, especially if your style isn’t traditional. Here are some great spaces that show different ways to work persian rugs:

Neutral colors & modern classic furniuture…I love the juxtoposition of old and new. 

Furniture that actually matches a color in the rug, with pops of other colors as accents. 

All whites and neutrals, this really shows of the rug if you love the pattern and color of the rug. 

Traditional furniture that is neutral and somewhat matches some tones in the rug. 

Persian rugs are often red and blue- I love the charcoal grey walls with this rug. Fabulous!

This is a rare Persian rug with pinks and oranges…but if you’re lucky enough to have a unique palette this is gorgeous. Use a complementary color on the walls like this robins egg blue!

Subtle & tonal. Do something interesting on the walls like a stencil or wallpaper. 

Modern setting with a complementary colored sofa. Again, I love the robin’s egg with the darker red rugs especially. 

Bohemian & eclectic with some colors matching the rug. 

Clean, traditional and contrasting. Bright white is always beautiful with intricate patterned rugs. 

Natural tones and textures and interesting shaped furniture. Love this feel. 

Funky furniture and solid throw pillows- an easy way to match your persian rug.

Dusty tones can be really pretty with the more muted rugs. Love the dark teal. 

Elegant and refined…makes perfect sense with a persian. 

Ethnic and matching in all one color- this could work with a multicolored rug as well. 


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