Brilliant Persian Rug Styling Ideas to Steal from Designers

Persian rug is a trend that has been around for a while now. I think I first noticed it, two years ago. But it seems that since then, it has grown stronger and stronger.

At first I wasn’t so much into it. It felt a little bit old fashioned and very ancient. After all, those rugs have been around since before your grandma’s was born, way, way before.

But as you might have noticed, everything that was trendy once seems to come back at some point. So now that you have had the time to get use to it let’s dig into how to style it. But first I just want to go through a very important point which is how to choose your Persian rug.

What you should be looking for

With the abundance of Persian rugs on the market, it’s not always easy to know what will look best in your home. So here is a few steps to not lose sight of your goal.

  • Antiques
    The main goal with a Persian rug is to add a little bohemian sophistication to a room. So to achieve that, we need something that has already lived a life. Something that looks like it has been passed on for generations. You should seek for a shabby, even faded one. The older the better.
  • Asymmetrical pattern
    Handmade rugs can’t be perfectly symmetrical and that’s what makes them so beautiful. It may not be visible at first glance but when you look closer, you should be able to see that the pattern might not be exactly the same on both side.
  • Bold and elaborated pattern
    You didn’t choose to go with a Persian rug to avoid the ornamentations, did you? So go on with it and be bold.

Cool ways to style your Persian rug

Now that we know how to choose our rug and where to buy it, let’s see what cool ideas designers came up with.

    One of my favorite idea is to use rugs in layers. You only need 2 rugs the same shape but one needs to be a little bit bigger than the other one. The Persian rug should be the smallest so it’s on top. The result is stunning and it works well in corridor.
    Instead of using one big rug for your living room, buy 3 medium sized rugs and stack them up in a patchwork. What’s great is that you can play with different rug types and fabrics.

If you have a tiled floor in the bathroom for exemple, you could always try to mix and match a rug with it, the result can be dazzling. Other wise you can also go for the camouflage strategy by choosing a rug that merges with your floor. it will add that little boho look without drawing to much attention.


On the other hand, if you feel audacious, you can always go for a lot of contrast. it will break the monotony of the floor and add a lot of character to your room.


We have seen a lot of reddish Persian rugs. People often picture a red rug when you mention Persian rugs. However, they  come in many colors. I’m particularly fond of the blue tones. I think it makes the whole scenery quieter.


This last idea is not so much a way of styling rugs but rather an original idea of where to put them. In the middle east, Persian rugs are often displayed outside with cushion for people to relax and have a tea. It’s a lovely tradition and designers have well understood that. It will give a more casual and friendlier look to your outside.

We hope this will have shown you new ways to style your Persian rugs because this trend is definitely not going anywhere.


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