Why Persian rugs are making a comeback

Persian rugs, Kashmir wool rugs are all making a comeback in your homes, but why now, and how can you incorporate them in your homes?

The hashtag #persianrug on Instagram has over 42,000 posts. This indicates their popularity; whether you love them or hate them. Persian rugs are definitely comeback…

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The American lifestyle website, featured a post on the Persian rug trend in a more specific way – in kitchens. This highlights the popularity of the interior design marmite.

Orientals add a lot of warmth and sophistication to a room. Most Orientals aren’t staid at all. They are really wild, gorgeous and intricate patterns — no two the same. They’re a friendly, non-obtrusive ground for a room. They’re part of filling a home with soulful objects.

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Architectural Digest suggests we all  ‘engage in some colour therapy’. ‘The force for reinvention, whether it’s an update in a living room or a refresh in a bedroom, is strong during the long winter months.’ To cheat a colour makeover, just add a woven colourful rug to any room for a vibrant lift. 

The best thing about these rugs is the older they get, the better they look. 


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