Favorite Rooms with Oriental Rugs

They are undoubtedly one of the most classic parts of a design scheme, often passed down from generation to generation.

And, when reimagined and used in new ways, Oriental rugs are fresh and fun.

A bit of color on the floor adds an instant punch in this chic entrance hall and brings in the colors from the living room.

And breaks up a solid wood floor. 

An Oriental runner adds warmth to a streamlined closet. (And to cold winter toes!)

And is the perfect way to spice up a clean and sleek kitchen.

Find it here

As the basis for paint choices and color schemes, the rich hues of these rugs can’t be beat,

Find it here

And we love the richness they add to almost any space.

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Combined with modern elements, these vibrant staples lend a sense of history and age.

An intimate dining setting becomes a special event with the addition of the right Oriental rug. What a beautiful place to catch up after a long day! 


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